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Protect your important document audio, video and speech recordings or documents in digital environment with Next Generation Archive Software...

Next Generation Archive Software technology
is a fundamental technology that enables you to protect your valuable multimedia archives by transcribing and reporting them to protect them against possible damage.

Keep Your Multimedia Archives Digitally Secure with Next Generation Archive Software

Next Generation archive software; It has the feature of transferring multimedia archives to text and presenting reporting.

Quickly access the desired data, take advantage of the opportunity to access data quickly and practically.

Save time and money, as all kinds of information are stored in an environment that can be accessed by employees within the authorization given, thanks to the new generation archive software that provides great convenience in searching your multimedia assets and content by making use of artificial intelligence.

Easily use the automatic notification feature if there is content related to user-defined expressions in the content of media broadcasts.

  • Easily access the desired documents.
  • Save money by eliminating the need for archive personnel required for physical archive rooms.
  • Make it easy for you to search for content by topic, time and detailed information.
  • Secure your files with a high level of data protection.
  • Increase your work efficiency and prevent unnecessary waste of time.
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