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Convert your speech to readable text with Speech Recognition

DeepZeka's Speech Recognition technology
is the key technology behind the evolution that has revolutionized the way people interact with devices.

Improve the Quality of Your Customer Experience with Automatic Speech Recognition

DeepZeka Speech Recognition has a widespread use. Many businesses use this technology to provide easy-to-use self-service solutions. Thanks to technology, customers can effortlessly solve their problems in their own words, quickly and efficiently. DeepZeka Speech Recognition reduces costs due to increased self-service success; improves the customer experience.

This technology, also called "Speech Recognition" or "Automatic Speech Recognition", is used to translate spoken words into text meaningfully and aims to recognize the speech of all speakers. The ability to translate accented speech and missing words into text is the measure of the quality of speech recognition systems.

DeepZeka Speech Recognition technology transforms complex communication systems into easy-to-use systems. The fact that users can easily perform their transactions on their own without the need for customer representatives improves the customer experience.

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