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Being a Member of DeepZeka Information Technologies “We are a family empowered by team spirit.”

In the process of shaping the future, our employees are the basis of our success, and our team spirit is the basis of our strength.

Our Core Values

Sincerity: “Puts love, respect and trust at the center of our relations with all our stakeholders; we appear as we are, we become as we appear.”
Continuous Improvement: “We question ourselves and the work we do, with a positive curiosity excited by innovation. In order to always be better, we learn from our past experiences, develop with our future vision and become the pioneer of change.”
Bravery: “We express our opinions freely, take risks and are never afraid to make mistakes. We take responsibility by using initiative and take action.”
Passion: “We approach everything we do with enthusiasm, excitement and determination; we activate our entire environment with our energy.”
Participation: “We create environments that will enable the participation of all our stakeholders, encourage them, value different ideas and provide the highest benefit with multi-collaborations.”

Our Competencies

Common Characteristics of All Our Employees;

Valuing Differences: We are a family that understands, recognizes and values different perspectives and cultures.
The Durable: When faced with difficult situations and obstacles, we are a family that never gives up and continues to try and look for the better.
Brave: We are a family that faces difficult issues, does not give up, makes the necessary effort and says everything that needs to be said.
Learning from Experience: We are a family that is willing to try innovations, learn by experience, and evaluate success and failure as opportunities for development.
Result Oriented:We are a family that can consistently achieve the desired results even under difficult conditions.
Action Oriented: We are a family that takes on new opportunities and challenging situations with high energy, enthusiasm and a sense of urgency.
Cooperation: We are a family that collaborates and works collaboratively with others to meet shared goals.

The Common Characteristics of Our Leaders

Global Perspective and Long-Term Thinker: We have leaders who can look at issues from a broad and comprehensive perspective, follow future trends and think long-term.
The New and the Better Studies Seeker: Considering different, new methods and approaches; We have leaders who develop and constantly create and implement business practices that are better than the previous one.
Managing Stakeholders Balancer: We have leaders who can anticipate needs pro-actively and strike the right balance in actions to meet these needs.
Agile Decision Maker: We have leaders who can make and implement the right decisions that will take the organization forward, based on data, in an effective and timely manner.
Vision and Purpose Maker: We have leaders who can lead individuals and teams in this direction by creating the right vision, an effective purpose and meaning.
Effective Teams Maker: We have leaders from different styles, perspectives, and experiences who build strong teams that run towards a common goal.

Human Resources Journey at DeepZeka

İşe Alım Süreci

Recruitment Process

DeepZeka; employs a recruitment process to recruit candidates who believe in team spirit, are innovative, are suitable for the corporate culture they are in, and are focused on self-development.

Selection and placement process in DeepZeka; It is done by finding and placing the most suitable candidate on the basis of corporate culture, company objectives and position-specific competencies. First of all, the positions opened are announced within the company and candidate suggestions are received from the employees. Afterwards, candidates in the recruitment process are met through recruitment portals. In the process of recruiting new employees to the company; After the competency-based interview, technical interview, English test, personality inventory application and reference research, the proposal stages are passed.

The applications of the candidates who cannot be evaluated in the current position as a result of the interviews are kept to be evaluated in other positions. All candidates are informed about the job application result.

How can I apply to DeepZeka?
DeepZeka active postings and job opportunities can be accessed via our Linkedin page. General application can be made by sending the CV to ik@deepzeka.com e-mail address.

How can I do an internship at DeepZeka?
As DeepZeka, hardworking, dynamic and young individuals; Within our company, we offer internship opportunities during the summer and fall semesters of each year. Work experiences gained within the framework of internship programs constitute the ideal first steps to business life..

Students who do internships within our company have the opportunity to turn their academic knowledge into practice.

Our high-performing interns during the internship are evaluated as a priority during our employee recruitment periods in order to be trained and a job opportunity is provided where they can develop their experiences.



The professional and personal development of our employees is of great importance to us.

At DeepZeka, our employees are included in a training and development process along with the orientation program they will be involved in during the first working week. According to the Performance Evaluation Process and the result of 360 degree competency evaluation, the development plans of our employees are created. As development tools; Models such as on-the-job/in-service training, rotation, online training and specialist training are used. In addition, optional online English training support is provided to our employees.

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