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Speech Synthesis makes your texts sound in a very short time.

Thanks to our current service;
You can voice the texts in the electronic environment with the human voice naturally and clearly.

Our artificial intelligence product, which enables texts to be voiced with a natural, fluent and realistic tone, can make voices close to natural language. Our experts voice your texts in high quality with artificial intelligence and offer them to your service.

Thanks to our service, it is able to serve corporate areas such as book voiceover, web and mobile application voiceover, announcements, voice response systems (IVR).

Thanks to the platform it has developed, DeepZeka can offer voice-over services to all users without using a third-party service.

  • Let our experts turn your texts into high-quality audio using artificial intelligence.
  • Use the content prepared by our experts according to your needs.
  • Benefit from the privilege of providing your texts that come out of artificial intelligence, checked by our editors, reported and presented to your service.
  • info@deepzeka
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